About CFoIS

The Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland (CFoIS) was set up in 1984 by the Scottish Consumer Council to win the right of public access to official information. CFoIS believes in right of people to find out about how they are governed and how their services are delivered. CFoIS has been involved in all the major developments of the legislation at a Scottish level.

CFoIS has built alliances to achieve cultural, organisational and operational change and works to: ensure access to information laws are implemented effectively; deliver training to improve practice and make rights accessible; provide briefings, write responses to consultations, undertake research and offer comment/analysis; campaign on new and emerging issues requiring changes in practice/law as the rights of people and the practice of government are not static. CFoIS asserts that access to information rights, transparency and accountability are rooted in international human rights law.

CFoIS is happy to work with rights holders to ensure the equal enjoyment of rights as well as working with duty bearers so that their compliance is robust.  CFoIS invites you to support our work so we can effectively face the challenges and grasp the opportunities of an exciting new decade.

CFoIS is an independent, non-party political organisation.