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FoISA Bill

Information on the FoISA Reform Bill Campaign

30th June 2023 The Scottish Government has published its analysis of responses to its consultation on FoI Rights.  The document can be accessed HERE.  66 of the responses are published HERE.  The Scottish Government concludes that it “will consider the outcomes from this consultation
analysis, and provide its response later in 2023.”

Katy Clark MSP issued a consultation seeking views on the reform of FoI law.  CFoIS supports this consultation as it is based on our draft Bill and Explanatory Notes published in January 2022.  The consultation closed on 14th March 2023 and the CFoIS submission is available HERE.  CFoIS thanks everyone who provided comments and participated in meetings to share their views.

Related documents: Leaflet summarising the issues and opportunities, CFoIS FoISA Reform Bill  and Explanatory Notes which accompany the Bill

The Scottish Government’s  consultation  adopted a different approach to FoI rights.  CFoIS welcomes the questions raised but is firmly of the view that reform of FoISA is urgent and overdue.  Our submission is available HERE.

Useful document Question 12 in the Scottish Government consultation  relates to Section 6 of FoISA:  “Are you aware of any specific instances where access to information through FOISA has been frustrated as a consequence of the current structure of the section 6 provisions?” A CFoIS briefing will help with your response.  It explains the difficulty in finding the names of companies wholly owned by designated bodies which should be automatically covered by FoISA.  It also  provides evidence of why Section 6 of FoISA needs to be strengthened, and enforcement of the duty by the Scottish Information Commissioner.

Meetings CFoIS was pleased to attend the three online consultations organised by the Scottish Government.  Each meeting provided an opportunity to share views and hear from others .